Camp Sweet Camp

Pass It On

Many things going through my mind at the moment.  First, I miss my girls.  They are at church camp with over 1,000 students from our church there.  They are investing their lives in God and in the lives of others.  When we moved to Tennessee our goal was to make sure we attended the church of our choice in the same town we lived in and the girls went to school with the same kids.  My second goal was to find a church that had kidz choirs.  Many of you know and some of you don’t,  that I have directed/coordinated kidz choirs for about 18 years before I moved here….two musicals a year (I love those times).  Well the girls fell in love with Long Hollow Baptist Church and at the time Long Hollow did not have a kids choir program.  Another church in town did, but I felt God calling us to Long Hollow….again to follow the first goal…kids that go to Long Hollow and our school.  I was resolving that God had closed the Chapter of directing choirs in my life and I was OK with that.  Took me awhile, but I was OK.

Oh, and on the camp note….did you know to BEWARE of the nachos at camp.  Evidently the camp nurse had Heather text me and tell me to make her an appointment for the dentist….that she chipped a tooth on the nachos…lol…what??!!

I am excited to hear about their camp week.  Camp was so important to me as a young person.  I attended GA (Girls in Action)/Acteen Camp every summer.  What is GA and Acteen’s?  It was a mission group for girls in church and was all about serving and missions.  In Indiana, they offered one week of tent camping and another week of cabin camping and our church would pick one one year and do the other the next year.  I still remember the week of tenting camping in the rain..uggghhh…I believe I came home mildewed myself!!  I still remember Mrs. Gillespie, “mother mission” and a wealth of stories she shared.  I still remember songs from camp.  I still remember meeting others from other churches and becoming friends, and the last night around the campfire singing “Pass It On,” a perfect song to pass our love of Jesus on, being very tearful because we were leaving new friends.

After years of going to camp as a child and middle schooler, I didn’t have a chance to do that again until my College years when I went to Florida to be a camp counselor at GA/Acteen camp for seven weeks in a row.  For when I was 13 years old my family with three other families agreed to plant a church in our area.  We did not have another Southern Baptist Church in the tri-city area in northwest Indiana.  I went kicking and screaming because I had to leave my friends in my church.  I went through four years of NO camp, NO Christian friends.  It was hard on my little immature life…lol.  The church didn’t grow much until after I left at age 18 to go to college.   I literally RAN to Southwest Baptist University to find me some Christian friends!!  I hungered for kindred spirits that loved my God….and I found them!  My girls are spoiled; they can actually get smothered in Christian friends here.  And I LOVE IT for them!!  I pray for wisdom for them, for clear vision, in a world out there, that is very non-Christian.

Ok….skip six days from when I started this blog.

The girls came home for a day and the left again to serve in at Kidz Camp!  A first for both of them.  Don ended up needing to go pick up Heather on Thursday because she was running a fever.  I think she slept for two days solid and trying to recuperate today.  She has lost her voice in this process…NOT a bad thing…lol.

I find it truly fun for God to bring all my past camp experiences to mind while the girls were at their Student Camp.  When the girls returned, Holly Ann shared that God has called her into the ministry!!  I truly am NOT surprised by this!  She has one of the most amazing hearts I have ever known, and cares deeply for people.  I am excited to see where God leads her.  She has already begun thinking about how to encourage and reach her Soccer team this year.  GO GOD!!

I wish I was more disciplined to write things more often so my blog moments are not so scattered in one post…maybe I will get the hang of this soon J.



To KNOW God and make Him KNOWN

So I have been trying to get a first blog post for over a year now.  What is holding me back?  The rules, that I might have set on myself of what or how I want to say things. I knew I wanted to always try and focus on the positive and not focus on anything negative.  I also get a lot from books and make lots of notes.  Not everything I have to say are my OWN words, but words I want to OWN.  In those cases I will put where my sources come from.  That being said I will share where my reading journey is right now.

I just finished reading a book by Priscilla Shirer, He Speaks to Me ~ Preparing to Hear from God.  I am currently reading 7 ~ an experimental mutiny against excess.  I am also doing the Beth Moore Bible Study, for the second time James ~ Mercy Triumphs.  Why the second time?  Because this time my focus will be on memorizing the whole book of James, which I have also wanted to do for over a year now.

So I heard God speak to me, as he often does, through someone else’s words.  And it was a clear indication for me to write my first blog about this, because it had EVERYTHING to do with what I want my blogs to be about.

I recently heard on the radio and in other places in my memory a phrase that goes something like this….People are not interested in what I am against; they are interested in what I am for.  So then again I’m reading today in my “7” book, and the same concept comes up.  At this particular point the author, Jen Hatmaker (and a little side note, you might want to friend her on Facebook, she is hilarious) is on a month of where she has only picked seven pieces of clothing to wear that month (undergarments don’t count…lol).  In Isaiah 58:5-6, it says…

“Do you call this fasting, a fast day that I, God, would like?  This is the kind of fast day I’m after: to break the chains of injustice, get rid of exploitation to the workplace, free the oppressed, cancel debts.” (MESSAGE)

Ok, kinda sounds heavy but this is what I get out of it.  I sure like my “religious” yokes.  It sure shows someone where I stand, BUT…did they see God?  I have a lot of “I don’ts” while the world or others around me have a lot of “I do’s” that I do not agree with.  But when it is all said and done, did they see God or what I stand for?  What IS God’s idea of a fast or a stand we might take?  It is far less about what I am AGAINST and far more about what I am FOR.  Is what I am fasting or standing for, something I think I am denying myself from OR do I really look at it as a way God is saving me from a yoke of oppression?  Isaiah was not talking about a fast from abstinence, but from self-obsession.

So I hope and will pray that in my journey of blogs that you will see more of what I am for than what I am against…what I do rather than what I don’t.  That the most important thing in my life and my true life PURPOSE  is to know God and make him known.