Why are you Going to Haiti

Why are you going to Haiti?  My answer before the trip was, “to love on the momma’s that take care of our orphans.”  I know many go to love on the kids, and I did that too, but God gave me a clear vision that I was going to love on the momma’s.  And….loving we did!

We spent time washing their feet, massaging and putting lotion on them.  We prayed!  We worshipped a God that hears our EVERY pain, praise, and prayer.  We continued to clean their hands, massaging and putting lotion on them.  Then continued to praise a God the hears their EVERY pain, praise and prayer.  Some stood behind and massaged their shoulders, while others prayed specifically for EACH of the momma’s personal prayers.  How did we do that?  How did we know what their requests were?  God gave us a sweet angel, named Ameriss, who is American, who attends Long Hollow, and knows Creole because her mom came here from America.  Ameriss went to each momma one at a time and we asked them how we could pray for them….and for the first time we could communicate with the momma’s.  My prayers that morning were that the momma’s would open up to us and cast their burdens on Jesus, ‘cause He cares for them.  They were able to do that and break down the wall that seemed to be there.  I saw that wall crumble.  I saw momma’s broken.  I saw momma’s feeling God’s presence….because definitely was present!

Guerline Guilloux was MY momma!  She has fibroids, she shared, and is in a lot of pain and cannot sleep at night.  I/we prayed with her.  She slipped me a note during the washing of the feet.  I read it later.  She came prepared to communicate with me.  It was in English and it said.  “I am sick, I need to see a doctor so you can help me.  God bless you.”  This breaks my heart…..it wrecked me!  Not only do these momma’s take care of their orphan home, some of them have many children of their own.  They are tired, they need love too!

Later that day, Guerline came and found me.  She wanted to take me to her house in the orphan village.  It was up this steep, rocky side of a mountain/hill.  I knew I could not make it with my knee issues…that broke my heart also.  She then had a boy with her, and he spoke some pretty good English.  Enough for all three of us to communicate together.  This was her son, Jeff, who is 16.  So I looked up and saw Holly Ann and called her over and introduced them.  Jeff then told me he had a sister named Lorgens, age 12, however I never did meet her.  I learned from Jeff that he wanted to be a Chemist.  I think he will be….he is very smart.  He wrote down all their names for me.

After that morning with the momma’s, we saw MORE of the momma’s.  I think they now felt they were a just as much a part of Long Hollow as the children.  My soul was HAPPY!  Let us not forget about the momma’s.

His eye is on my little sparrow, Guerline, and I know He watches her.


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